8 Cool Facts About Wool You Had No Idea About

Wool Mittens by Fifio

8 Cool Facts About Wool You Had No Idea About


You believe wool is only suitable for cold and chilly days.
You only have one sweater in your wardrobe, and you put it on in winter?
In this post, I’ll break some stereotypes about wool, and show you that wool is really… cool!
You’ll get to know some wonderful, if not magical, properties of this precious natural fiber.
Here we go!

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Wool is a perfect insulator—even when wet

This natural fiber is full of surprises!
A fact:
Wool keeps you warm even when it’s wet.
Here’s the thing:
A wool sweater can absorb the amount of water equal to around 1/3 of its weight without actually feeling wet.
In comparison, a cotton garment can only absorb the amount of water equal to a mere 4% of its weight.
Just think about it:
When your cotton T-shirt gets wet in the pouring rain, it feels cold and uncomfy, doesn’t it?
This won’t happen if you wear wool! If your sweater gets wet, you’ll still stay warm.
You didn’t know that. Did you?
But that’s just a taste of things to come.

I enjoy the way people react to Fifio designs. To me, it’s like giving you a big, warm hug.

Wool regulates your body temperature

No. It’s not a joke.
In cold or wet weather, wool keeps you warm and dry.
But you already know it, right?
Here’s the kicker:
In hot weather, wool absorbs the heat and moisture from your skin and releases them into the atmosphere.
It’s like wearing a portable air conditioning system on your back!
Well, have you ever wondered why the Bedouins from African deserts wear wool from head to toe even in scorching heat?
Now you know the answer.

Wool is antibacterial and antimicrobial

But what does it mean?
It means that it prevents microbes and bacteria from growing.
All that thanks to its waxy coating full of fatty acids that create an antibacterial and antimicrobial environment.
It also means that wool doesn’t have to be washed too often and it remains fresh after repeated use.
In short. Wool doesn’t get stinky. And you don’t have to wash it often.
It’s enough to air it from time to time, rather than wash it again and again.

Alpaca Cowl by Fifio

Wool is hypoallergenic

Say hello to dust mites, fungus, and bacteria—
They just love… synthetic fibers where they feel great in the humid environment.
Not a big fan of dust mites, fungus, and bacteria?
Choose wool!
Wool stays dry, and none of the little guys enjoys such an environment.
What’s more, wool absorbs volatile toxins from the air and traps them in its fibers.
That’s why it’s always a good idea to get yourself a wool pillow and a blanket, and have a good night’s sleep in a clean and healthy environment.

Wool fibers don’t irritate the skin

Are you one of those who believe that the skin might be allergic to wool?
Surprise, surprise:
It’s not wool that makes your skin itchy! It’s lanolin and wool oils.
If you don’t want to feel itchy wearing a wool garment, just look for fibers without those irritants.
Alpaca wool is a good choice, for one!

Baby Alpaca Merino Beanie Hat by Fifio

Wool is a natural high-performance fiber

And it’s used by more and more sportswear brands.
Now, merino wool is designed and engineered to create soft and silky T-shirts or water repellent, breathable footwear and apparel.
And you can wear them all year round! No matter the weather.
Wool is a super flexible and durable fiber which breaks and tears less than other fibers.
And it easily springs back to its original shape.
Wool garments will serve you for years if you look after them properly.

Wool is naturally flame resistant

Another surprise, isn’t it?
Thanks to its structure full of nitrogen and water, wool needs much more oxygen than we have in the air to catch fire.
Besides, it doesn’t melt or stick to the skin when exposed to fire.

Wool is stain resistant

Thanks to its waxy outer coating, wool is liquid repellent.
So if you spill something on it, there should be no problem for you to wipe it off.
You need to do it pretty quickly, though. Not to let the fiber absorb the liquid.

Fifio’s love for wool

I could write about it for hours!
I love wool for its absolutely unique texture.
No matter if it’s goat mohair, merino, lamb wool, or my beloved alpaca.
Each of them can be turned into beautiful chunky, airy, or fluffy designs. Just make sure you choose premium quality wool with no artificial fibers added.
I always select wool which I love to wear myself. And I always test it on my own skin.
In winter I enjoy working with merino, alpaca, and yak—to make you feel warm and cozy.
That’s why I love designing oversized sweaters and chunky mitts.
When it gets warmer, I like to work with absolutely gorgeous goat mohair. It’s as light as a feather but still gives you this nice warm feeling.
Of course, no matter the weather, I always like wearing alpaca wool. It’s extremely delicate even to the most sensitive skin.
When people touch my designs, they usually say: “Oh! It’s so soft and gentle.”
And you know what?
That’s what I enjoy most.
I enjoy the way people react to my designs.
To me, it’s like giving them a warm hug.
I always say that if you take care of Fifio properly, it will take care of you for years.

Alpaca Lamb Wool Sweater by Fifio
Basket Full of Wool Fifio
Goat Mohair Silk Sweater by Fifio

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