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Sustainable Fashion Handmade Beanie
Posted by Ola | 09 June 2018 | Fashion, Lifestyle, People
Sustainable Fashion: 4 Things You Need to Know.

Sustainable Fashion: 4 Things You Need to Know.   You see a beautiful t-shirt on display, and there’s this impulse. You feel like it’s going to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You need to have it. Now. It’s just oh-so-you.  And the price is so good that you get two! In a month,...

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Fifio Blog Serendipity
Posted by Ola | 27 May 2018 | Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, People
Serendipity, no self-pity!

Many things happen in my life by accident   They just happen and I take them the way they are. Just like today. I was walking in the park, when I suddenly heard the music which simply blew my mind. The sounds and the vocals I’d never heard before. They were so good! Soothing and...

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