When You Support Local Brands, You Make Someone’s Dreams Come True

Fifio Wool Bracelet Local Brand

When You Support Local Brands, You Make Someone’s Dreams Come True


Have you ever wondered what it means to create your own small local brand and make it last longer than a year?

What it means not to give up, do what you love, and show others that your product is worth buying and coming back to? 

In this post, I’ll show you the advantages of supporting local brands that you might not have had any idea about.

Advantages of Small Business over Large Businesses

As a local designer or brand owner, you put your heart and soul to satisfy your customers. 

No matter if you’re into clothes, home decor, jewelry, or eco-friendly cosmetics.

You put your name on your product and want people to associate it with you.

Quality is what matters to you most. 

It’s the key to your brand’s existence on the market full of poor quality products. 

Quality is what distinguishes you from big brands. 

Every single detail matters to you. You design your product carefully. You do it all from scratch. 

You choose the best materials, supervise its making, and finally select the packaging. 

That’s how it works. 

Local brand designers and owners know that to thrive in a competitive market, their products must be top-notch.

It often means that their prices are either equal to or higher than those of big brands. 

And easy it is not.

Trust me.

It all takes time, a lot of patience, creativity out of this world, and lots, lots of luck. 



Without it, you’re not going to take your brilliant idea anywhere.

Local brand designers [. . .] know that to thrive in a competitive market, their products must be top-notch.

Local Brands Support Local Communities


Local brands actively support local communities. 

What does it mean?

It means that if you’re a small local designer or producer, you interact with your surroundings. For example, by getting the local community involved in your project. 


Say, you’d like to design leather bags and accessories.

Well, there’s a number of things you need to do. 

Find a workshop, and craftsmen to help you. And a good leather producer to provide you with the materials.


Where to find them? 

Here’s the thing:

You don’t have to spend nights and days scouring the Internet, or Google maps.


Act and think locally. 

For example:

Try talking to your friends and neighbors.

They might turn out to be the best source of reliable information and good advice.

This is something my dear friend Alicja Sajewicz-Wenska did. 

To pursue her dreams, she quit her job, and spent a year mastering the art of purse making. All this to set up her own local business Wenska and Accessories. 

Importance of Small Business in Economic Development

Think about it.

Once you find all you’ve been looking for, and manage to set up a business of your dreams, you may become an attractive employer in your neighborhood. 

You may give jobs to locals, and your brand may become an important part of the local community. 


If you want to be more active and engaged, you and other local brands can participate in numerous events, such as local trade fairs or you can even organize workshops. 

That’s a great way to support your local community!

Wenska Leather

Local Brands Offer Unique Products and Designs

Tired of shopping malls where everything looks so similar? 

You go to one shop and then to another and another, and all you can see are products which look—

The same! 

The same colors, patterns, and materials. 

Nothing special to look at. 

And, at the end of the day, you often end up with nothing new in your wardrobe. 

Frustrating, isn’t it? 

No place for creativity and uniqueness. 

And still, you feel this desire to change your looks and find something different. To find something special that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Well, stop complaining and make an effort. 

Check if there are places in your town or city where local brands offer their products or designs. 

Talk to your friends about it. Look it up online! 

You might be surprised how many talented local designers have their own brands. 

You can often find them in small, beautifully decorated boutiques, ateliers, or artist studios in places you’ve never been before. (Moxos, Karina Królak, and Tomasz Karcz)

How about local concept stores? 

It’s a good idea to check them out too!

They are definitely more intimate than the crowded shopping malls. And they offer carefully selected brand designs. 

Trust me—

You can find unique, high-quality clothing, jewelry, home decor and even cosmetics there. 


If you go shopping there, you won’t end up with a splitting headache. 

Mysia3 Official

Pan Tu Nie Stał

Fifio as a Small Local Brand

From the very beginning, Fifio has been active locally.

For one thing, I tend to buy yarn at local shops. 

It’s best if I can go there myself, and choose what I want.

I also appreciate small Internet stores which offer high-quality yarn, and sometimes non-standard service. 

I cooperate only with local artisans. 

I always find them with the help of my family or friends. 

Recommendations are really welcome. 

Fifio’s designs are made in small numbers. 

I never stockpile them.  

I guess it’s my love for top-quality, and attention to detail that matter most to me when designing my knitwear. 

I rarely look for inspiration in current fashion trends. 

I’ve always dreamed about designing something unique. I want to offer knitwear that makes you look and feel special. 

I work on Fifio with my husband, and we do it all ourselves from beginning to end.

Explore beautiful wool collections by Fifio. High-quality wool. Timeless designs.

Even Fifio boxes are our own designs. 

We make them in a local printing house.

I enjoy asking my designer friends for advice when I need help. 

Again, I appreciate it when they recommend services or people they’ve cooperated with. 

You can find Fifio only in one place—a beautiful atelier in Cracow. 

It belongs to my friend, Tomasz Karcz, a wonderful stylist, hairdresser, and fashion designer. Tomasz promotes not only his own designs but also those of other artists.

When I think about fashion now, I often wonder why we are so attached to big brands. There are so many small ones which offer good designs and quality products. All you have to do is to look around and find them. 

Remember, if you support small, local brands, you make someone’s dream come true.   

Moxos Malgosia Knopik Skibinska
Tomasz Karcz
Fifio Wool Bracelet Local Brand

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