Sustainable Fashion: 4 Things You Need to Know.

Sustainable Fashion Handmade Beanie

Sustainable Fashion: 4 Things You Need to Know.


You see a beautiful t-shirt on display, and there’s this impulse. You feel like it’s going to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You need to have it. Now. It’s just oh-so-you. 

And the price is so good that you get two!

In a month, your two new t-shirts look like old rags. They’re in such bad condition that you throw them away. And for some reason, they didn’t feel good at all. You were sweating, they got stretched, and the colors faded in the first wash. 

So, you end up looking for a new t-shirt – resigned to the fact that the story is about to repeat itself. 

Sounds familiar? Of course, it does!  We are surrounded by poor quality, disposable, fast-fashion clothing. And, what is worse, we’re getting used to it. 

The question is: is there any alternative?

You may’ve heard something about sustainable fashion. But do you really know what sustainable fashion is, and why it’s worth following?

In this blog post, I’ll clarify a couple of important issues.

  • How to define sustainable fashion?
  • Why you should care about sustainable fashion
  • What you can do to contribute to fashion’s sustainability
  • In what way Fifio is a sustainable fashion brand

Sustainable fashion is the fashion that embraces the people who design and make it, takes into consideration human impact on the planet, and advocates social responsibility.

How to define sustainable fashion?


Sustainable fashion is the fashion that embraces the people who design and make it, takes into consideration human impact on the planet, and advocates social responsibility. 

What matters are the people who make your clothes, the conditions they work in, and the money they make. 

Sustainable fashion cares about natural environment and takes measures to protect it. 

Sustainable fashion promotes consumers’ awareness of all those issues. 

Let’s learn how to stand against fast, poor quality cheap fashion. 

Why you should care about sustainable fashion


Two main reasons: the planet and the people.

The fast fashion industry destroys our planet by producing massive amounts of waste.

Oceans, rivers, and wildlife: all these are affected by the waste the fast fashion industry produces.  

Dyes do not disappear with the sprinkle of pixie dust. Plastic is rarely recycled. 

So, what happens to all these wastes? Just read about the huge toxic plastic islands called the Great Pacific garbage patch.

Take a good look at your labels, and think about the people who made your clothes.

China, Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka are the countries you’ll come across most often.

But do you know that hundreds of thousands of anonymous women or men who work in big clothing factories earn as little as 50 cents for a pair of jeans they make? 

“The minimum wage for garment workers in Bangladesh is now about $68 per month.” 

And how much do you pay for your pants?

Is it fair or responsible? Let’s face it. Without those skillful and hardworking people, even the most talented designers’ garments would be nothing but ideas in their heads.   

Try to be more curious and think about the conditions those people work in. 

Have you ever seen the pictures of a tired mother working in a clothing factory with a baby lying next to her on the floor? 

Have you heard about the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 where over 1,130 people died, and about 2,500 were injured?   

I know, it’s best to pretend such things do not affect you personally, so why bother? 

Trust me, it’s also up to you whether or not the situation improves.

I encourage you to visit to learn more.

Look for the hashtag #whomademyclothes on social media.

What you can do to contribute to fashion’s sustainability


You may think: “I’m not a fashion designer, so there’s nothing I can do.” Actually, you can do quite a lot!

The simplest thing you can do is check the labels. 

Look at the materials and fibers a piece of clothing is made of. Is it cotton, wool, silk, or polyamide, acrylic, etc? Try to find certified, eco-friendly labels. 

Or maybe you don’t care about the fibers and materials, and buy what you like? Well, in that case, I always tell my friends to put a doormat on. After all, it’s made of the same materials as their beautiful brand new piece of clothing. 

Cozy chunky sweaters from popular fashion brands? Check out the labels again. They may look and feel nice, but most often what you find there is nothing more but pure acrylic. If you’re lucky, you will find a very low percentage of wool there.

Take another look at the label and find the country of origin. Where was the garment made? Will you be supporting exploitation of cheap workforce? Remember: the lower the price, the cheaper the labor.

Now, if your wardrobes are overflowing with the clothes you no longer wear, don’t throw them away. 

Give them away to your friends or to those in need! 

How about attending or organizing swap parties where you can exchange your clothes? You pay nothing and refresh your wardrobe. This is also a form of recycling.

You can buy jewelry and clothing made of recycled materials. My dear friend and artist, Karina Królak, creates unique jewelry made of recycled materials. She recycles paper, plastic, and glass and turns them into beautiful works of art. The ones I adore to wear myself. And you know what, it makes me feel good 🙂

In what way Fifio is a sustainable fashion brand


As a designer and conscious consumer, I have always promoted craftsmanship. I perceive it as an art form. All my designs are 100% handmade and in the spirit of slow fashion. In fact, I sometimes think that this couldn’t be any slower 🙂 

The women I work with have enough time to make the garments or accessories the way I’d like them to be. I try to get to know them personally whenever I can. None of the craftswomen is anonymous to me. They use their skills and talents to create beautiful things, and I treat them the way I would like to be treated myself. 

Without them, my designs would only exist in my head. 

I always appreciate and value their work. I’m aware that it takes a lot of time and patience.

All the designs by Fifio are meant to last for years. 

That’s why I only use premium quality fibers and always check them before getting down to work. 

When I started Fifio, my goal was to make this brand special, as I believe that all handmade garments and accessories are one of a kind. And I do my best to make the person who gets them feel special too.

Sustainable Fashion Handmade Sweater

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